New Album with S/M

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Finally! Something that was recorded way back in 2005 sees the light of day.

This collaboration with S/M (Silvia Hromadkova and Alex Svamberk): Once Upon A Time in Prague came out in April of 2020 and was recorded over a three week period during the summer of 2005 as we prepared for a performances at the National Gallery for the Prague Biennale as well as the CESTA Festival in Tabor.

We really immersed ourselves in the preparation for these performances and drifted in and out of the rehearsal space at CESTA where there was a residency program going on. I had worked with Silvia remotely for several months prior conceptualizing and creating the video component for the performance. Once I got to Czechia, I remember having some marathon edit sessions as we finalized the video, which ended up including some footage shot onsite in Tabor. We then started to rehearse in Tabor and Prague and if memory serves me well, this album is a document of those rehearsals.

We finalized the performance in Prague with Butoh dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara and presented the whole thing at the National Gallery in Prague on August 24.  If I’m not mistaken, we then presented an alternative version at the CESTA festival with Alex as the dancer.

That visit to Prague was my last, to this date and concluded a four year period of tours and screenings, which started out with the Prague Industrial Festival in 2001 (where I first met Silvia and Alex) and ended with this performance.

While the National Gallery would not allow us to document our performance, I did manage to sneak a camera  on stage to get some shots and we, of course, recorded the audio! The video below combines those performance clips with the video that I produced for the projection component.


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