Strategies Against Communication: NIGHT! (2015)




NIGHT is a four episode interactive radio performance series, incorporating original composition, theatre and spoken word. The project is the latest in a twenty-year body of work utilizing chance and semiotics based compositional approaches for working with the written and spoken word. For this incarnation, the theatrical poem NIGHT, written by Patricia Kositzky and GE Schwartz  served as source material for the experimental text processing. NIGHT as produced and performed during a 2015 transmission arts  residency at The Wavefarm in Acra, NY. The four late night broadcasts consisted of algorithmic soundscapes, live vocals and an interactive component where participants called in via telephone and internet streaming.  NIGHT! was also broadcast on terrestrial radio via WGXC 

Conceived and Directed by Patricia Kositzky and Damian Catera.
Written Text by Patricia Kositzky and Gerald Schwartz.
Text Assemblage by Patricia Kositzky.
Produced by Damian Catera.
Sound and Text Composition by Damian Catera.


Cecilia Biagini
John Baird
Damian Catera
Donna Coney Island
Kris Ertl
Christine Goodman
Jack Halpin
Patricia Kositzky
Ardele Lister
Lionel Mootoo
Efrem Oshinsky
Roland Ramos
Chloe Rousseau
Gerald Schwartz


Extra Special Thanks to Galen Joseph Hunter and Tom Roe


Part 1: Vespers/Dusk

Songs of the falling of the day, and the soft rising of the night.

The night is being slowly born, through poems, spoken word and song.

Sweet childhood memories slide in to the mind as the body slides between the sheets and prepares for rest.

The mind and ears open up their wings. The night begins to come alive with animals and stars.

Everything has its quiet story, and begins to whisper.  Like a lullabye, and the hope of a restful sleep is still alive.

Strategies Against Communication: Night! Part 1- Dusk

by Damian Catera & Patricia Kositzky

Part 2: Night

Night has come in all of its hard black velvet. The prayers have been said, the serious sleep begins now. Or would, if it wasn’t for all of that noise. What noise!

The animals are chittering, the insects dance, the birds should be in bed, the sirens scream and the mind screams louder. All past decisions are brought out and the bed takes on a personality.

Memories clamp their hands on the dozing  mind and sharpen their points again and again.

The tossing, the sweating the wondering. All with a backdrop of night sounds that should be comforting, and somehow aren’t.

The holy fight to let the spirit rest brings desperate mantras and “must-to-do’s”. The in-between state, the “Pre-dream dreams” start to filter in, in inky drops.

Strategies Against Communication: Night! Part 2 : Night

by Damian Catera & Patricia Kositzky

Part 3: The Dreaming

Sleep has been won, but at what cost?

The dreams are mounting, the chaos of the universal dreaming mind is in full dark and glossy bloom,

the cacophony of senseless non-sequiturs are careening about the room of the subconscious.

Beautiful and terrifying, hilarious and surprising.

Strategies Against Communication: Night! Part 3-The Dreaming

by Damian Catera and Patricia Kositzky

Part 4: Morning

The struggle has been won, the morning arrives at last with its promises.

Everything is singing, because the day has arrived.

Love is real, the spirit is strong and music is everywhere.

Until the sun wanes once again…

Strategies Against Communication: Night!-Part 4: Morning

by Damian Catera & Patricia Kositzky