Baroque Treasures (2014)
Well Tempered Clavier (2011)

PRX-002 -Baroque Treasures-Computer Mediated DeCompositions

The most recent installment in this series of radical reinterpretations of baroque music. On this album, compositions by Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti and Albinoni are used as source material in a “decompositional” approach, where the original works are profoundly transformed into new soundscapes through the use of improvisation, digital sampling and randomization algorithms. The resulting soundscapes are an alluring combination of textures that are true to the original instruments while simultaneously expanding upon them.

PRX-001-  J.S. Bach-The Well Tempered Clavier Book 1-A Computer Mediated DeComposition

The tools of digital alchemy are used to convert 18th century baroque music into something completely new and exciting! This version of Bach’s classic collection of keyboard works represents a radical application of contemporary random based practices to these iconic tonal harmonic pieces. The end product is an alluring soundscape of uncompromising intensity kicked out into 5 pieces.

 This album is a natural outgrowth of a body of work including sound installations, print editions , video installations and performances, presented in gallery and museum exhibits.