Radio Resurrection

WaveFarm/ WGXC 90.7 FM-12/7/19

Eternal Life: We can’t live with it. We can’t live without it

Radio waves never die. These electrical impulses travel through space to the infinite being heard/not heard and possibly listened to. So in this context of space-bound electromagnetic impulses , radio represents eternal life. Even more so when, in the time-honored tradition of small towns everywhere, local obituaries are broadcasted. The very essence of people’s lives, their finales, their swan songs are soliloquized between advertisements, world and local news and top ten hits of various decades. Thus, they are brought once more to life for us. And for eternity.

Radio Resurrection explores this notion of the technologically mediated eternal life with a blend of recited obituaries, improvisations with captured radio waves and the life-and-death mirror of popular music.

Radio Resurrection

by Damian Catera & Patricia Kositzky | Live Broadcast-WaveFarm/ WGXC 12/7/19